Success Stories
MUIC International Business
Wichayaporn (June) MUIC International Business

Teachers provide various information. I could confidently answer any type of questions and it seems easier. I got to MUIC thank to House of Griffin.

MUIC International Business
Nantikarn (Ben) MUIC International Business

The teachers are very professional and all the staff are also friendly. I’ve gained more confidence and experience at House of Griffin.

MUIC International Hospitality Management
Sichol (Tunner) MUIC International Hospitality Management

สนุกดีค่ะ เรียนเข้าใจ ครูสอนฮาๆ ไม่เครียด เพื่อนๆ ก็ช่วยกันตั้งใจเรียน มีอะไรไม่เข้าใจก็ไลน์ถามครูได้ตลอด เวลาเลยค่ะ

Chavit (Chieng) MUIC

There are many professional teachers who help me to have confidence in English grammar. All of them are very nice and always do their best to help students. Thank to House of Griffin.