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IGCSE A-LEVEL ACT Science ติวสอบ GED MUIDS Science (Grade 10)

Kru Tangmo or Dr. Mo has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Science (Biotechnology) from Mahidol University. She earned scholarships to study at Hokkaido University and lived in Japan for 5 years to get her Ph.D. and master’s degree in Life Science. She has 12 years of experience in tutoring Biology, Physics, Science, Math and English. She scored 900 in TOEIC and 600 in TOEFL-ITP. Tangmo wants her students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for their future. She is a student-centered teacher who always gives everything to help her students succeed in whatever goals they want to
accomplish. She knows firsthand that with dedication and hardwork, anything can be achieved!