Teaching Subjects


Kru Pom graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang with a First Class Honors, Gold Medal in English major from the faculty of Liberal Arts. Growing up, Teacher Pom has always enjoyed studying English and teaching it to his friends when in need. Consuqeuntly, as driven by this factor, Kru Pom decided to pursue his academic life in English major to better himself in English so as for him to become a more complete English teacher and tutor. During his time in university, more often than not, Kru Pom seeked opportunities to experience real-life teaching which he aimed to gain as many expereinces as he could. For example, Kru Pom once participated in Teacher Assistant role to help his teacher tutor Matthayom 3 students for O-Net examination. Also, Kru Pom has gained some experience in teaching by being a private tutor for almost one year. Being a teacher at House of Griffin inspires Teacher Pom to enhance himself. He believes that everybody can learn, and everybody can be better in English at House of Griffin.