Teaching Subjects

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Kru Ping Ping has a Master degree of Human Science in Counseling Psychology from Assumption University and a Bachelor Degree of Musical Theatre from Mahidol College of Music, Mahidol University. Moreover she had taken courses about Music Theatre in Germany, Kiefersfelden with the International Performing Arts Institute which all classes were held completely in English. She has been using English since her very first day of primary school-high school at an international school. She had the experience of teaching in English and teaching specifically English language for over 7 years. English teaching has always been her field, teaching kids at a variety range of age, from pre-kinder to adults.

In many schools over Bangkok including private and public school/institute, she has been teaching IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT VERBAL, IGCSE, IB, and A-Level students in a variety of subjects such as English, English Literature, Psychology, Biology, Speaking, Reading, Essay Writing, and more depending on student’s special needs. Apart from the regular fields of English, she also had a deep understanding of each people/students need, as she has studied in her Master of Science, Psychology of how each age and each gender developed and understands differently, so in this case surely each student will receive a special care in terms of their lessons and studies. Special guidance will be delivered uniquely depending on each student since she believed that here at House of Griffin every student will be able to achieve his or her goals magnificently.