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Kru Gam has a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education majoring in Advanced – English (First Class Honour) from Chulalongkorn University. She has been teaching English for students in kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels since she was 18 years old as a freelance tutor. Not only in private schools, but also in public schools did she have work experiences. To illustrate, in 2016, she achieved 1-year internship success as a trainee teacher at Horwang School and Patumkongka School in Bangkok, and she was also invited to conduct O-NET and GAT English classes for students in grade 9 and grade 12 at Tha-it Suksa School in Nonthaburi. Thanks to these opportunities, she gained a lot of experience in various aspects, such as teaching methodology and instructional psychology. After graduation, she started working as a government teacher for 6 months, and she has become a full-time teacher at House of Griffin since December 2017.